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Figure texture of limestone Alma Stone clearly shows the natural inclusions of shells. Creating a unique pattern in every stone!

Stone processing - grinding, glossing, chips and polishing contrast enhances the natural color and shades of stone, further creating a play of light.


These are block walling materials and elements of construction for the supporting walls of buildings and high-rise constructions - tenement housing estates, luxury hotels, multifunctional shopping, cultural and business centers, cinemas, theatres, art galleries; cultic constructions – memorial complexes, mosques, temples and cathedrals.
The building altitude capacity is up to 12 floors with earthquake resistance measuring 8 on the Richter scale. 

Building stone and brick

The typical and individually tailored walling construction materials for supporting and self-supporting walls are the stone and brick. 
The technology of stone and brick production is oriented at the realization of unique projects of elite housing, namely private residences, villas, cottages, mansions, country settlements in the environmentally sound areas. 
The form and geometrics of bearing walling materials made of limestone is not limited by standard nominal sizes.