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The foundation of “Alminski Building Materials Factory” (ABMF) in 1954 set the start for the history of commercial development of Alma deposit. Presently it consists of 8 quarries used for extraction of natural limestone and production of sawn construction materials – blocks, dimension stone, bricks and tiles. 

In 1970 a workshop specializing in manufacturing facing tiles and architectural products of natural stone was set up at the factory.

Products made of Alma stone were used for the construction of houses, health-centers and administrative buildings throughout the country. Its unique qualities have made it possible to implement Alma stone in the process of restoration of historical and architectural monuments – temples, cathedrals, cloisters, palaces of St. Petersburg, Moscow (Moscow Kremlin - 1970), and Kazan, Novgorod, Vladimir, Suzdal, Kyiv, Sevastopol and many other cities.

Presently on the territory of Ukraine the company is the largest manufacturer of walling materials made of sawn limestone. It is also a licensed owner of high-quality natural limestone deposits.

The total volume of quarried material for the whole period of activity amounts to 13.520 mln cubic metres. The average annual volume of quarried building stone is 260.000 cubic metres.

Alma Stone deposits are located in the picturesque interfluve plains of the Alma and the Bodrak rivers in Bakhchisarai region of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea near the first ancient cave settlements of Bakla, Aske-Kermen and Chufut-Kala. 

It was only in late 1980s that Alma stone got its present name derived from its geographical location in Alma valleys of the Alma river. In former USSR this white Crimean limestone was also referred to as Inkerman limestone. At present only the stone quarried near Sevastopol in Inkerman region is called Inkerman limestone. 

The more famous at the world market Bodrak stone got the new name of Alma stone (Alminsko-Bodrakskoe deposit) and now it along with 7 other deposits belongs to and presents a part of Alma Stone™ (Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine).

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