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Figure texture of limestone Alma Stone clearly shows the natural inclusions of shells. Creating a unique pattern in every stone!

Stone processing - grinding, glossing, chips and polishing contrast enhances the natural color and shades of stone, further creating a play of light.

Architecture elements

Stone processing - grinding, glossing, chips and polishing contrast enhances the natural color and shades of stone, further creating a play of light.

Window sills made of white stone - it's a reasonable choice and quality, especially in combination with an excellent design and price.

Portal and facing the door will give sophistication to your home.

The main purpose of columns remains aesthetic component that helps get rid of the types of conveyor, monotonous kind of interior.

Pilaster has a base body and the capital, maintains the aspect ratio of the order system. Pilasters are rectangular, semi-circular and complex shapes.

Decorative element at the top of the arch or arches. Has ornamental or sculptural process. Serves as a decoration arches and flat jumpers.

Decorative element in the form of a plate framed shaped frame. Used to decorate the spaces under the windows, filling the empty bays of the walls.

Architectural detail, is an imitation of the console - supports element-ment protruding parts of the building.



Block for building construction

Rack Stone

Facade decoration made of natural stone
Stone - one of the most reliable construction materials. But because of its considerable weight it is associated with builders and customers exclusively with monumental buildings, practical and standard. And yet, from this material can work miracles, including practical ventilated facade.
Thus, the facade decoration - this is the best way to decorate the building and give it a personality. Used for this natural limestone is perfectly suited for creation of materials in the form of blocks, slabs, bricks, or a piece of stone. All of them are going to create some architectural decorations.
The natural properties of limestone also allow you to create ventilated facade: between the outer cladding and insulation layer there is an air strip, which is essential for removing condensate and improves thermal insulation. Thus, the facade decoration - is not only beautiful, but also practical.
Facade of stone has a noble appearance. Operating with the individual elements, you can make it an elegant, romantic or stressed strict: it all depends on the choice of specific details. The easiest facade of natural stone can have the original window frames or cornice - is already emphasize its individuality.
More complex variants with columns, pilasters and carved panels are more suitable for formal and public buildings such as, but if you want they can be used in the construction of private homes. Facade decoration makes this type of house in the estate, as in beauty and majesty surpass any other.
But the facades of stone can be not only original and expensive, but simply decorated. For this purpose, commercially available and nummulitic of different kinds of tiles. You can also go beyond the home, but also to build a fence from this practical and beautiful material. He and facade of natural stone create the desired color, highlighting the house or building in a series of others.
The facades of stone are perfect for a classic look. If the supplement garden pavilions, sculptures and vases of the same material, the house can compete with the palace.
The company offers a wide range of decorative elements of limestone in different forms and styles. With these materials, you can easily create a ventilated facade, which will be pleasing to the eye beauty and warm on cold nights.