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Architecture elements

Stone processing - grinding, glossing, chips and polishing contrast enhances the natural color and shades of stone, further creating a play of light.

Window sills made of white stone - it's a reasonable choice and quality, especially in combination with an excellent design and price.

Portal and facing the door will give sophistication to your home.

The main purpose of columns remains aesthetic component that helps get rid of the types of conveyor, monotonous kind of interior.

Pilaster has a base body and the capital, maintains the aspect ratio of the order system. Pilasters are rectangular, semi-circular and complex shapes.

Decorative element at the top of the arch or arches. Has ornamental or sculptural process. Serves as a decoration arches and flat jumpers.

Decorative element in the form of a plate framed shaped frame. Used to decorate the spaces under the windows, filling the empty bays of the walls.

Architectural detail, is an imitation of the console - supports element-ment protruding parts of the building.