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Framing the windows limestone

0 uah. Set construction

Technical characteristics

Characteristics of stone:
                                      Strength of products M> 75 kg / cm2
                                      Frost resistance,> 25/35 cycles
                                       Water absorption <15%
                                      Density (bulk density) <2200 kg / m3
                                      Softening Ratio is not less than 0.6
                                      Radioactivity - below the natural background.
                                      With additional water repellent:
                                     - Water absorption <3.5%, frost resistance> 80 cycles.
Standard of Ukraine DSTU BV.27-37-95 "Building Materials. Slabs and natural stone products.
      All products of this year and is extracted from the quarry in the Crimea. We are the only manufacturer of white stone in Ukraine with such indicators of strength and frost resistance.