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What is eco-housing?
Eco-housing, or themed integrated home - a building constructed on the basis of ecological architecture. Alma-Stone Company specializes in the manufacture and sale of units and products for this type of housing.
What is the best material for facade of a country house?
Choosing how the future will look like the facade of the house, you are primarily targeting a aesthetic appearance of the house and the cost-effectiveness and practicality of the material that will be covered with a facade. I think you have no doubt that the house is lined with natural stone - it's beautiful. Then believe that facing house with white stone - limestone - looks luxurious. Anyone, even a modest house limestone turns into a stylish country house. A stoned facade of a large villa with white limestone - you get a palace, not less.
However, the beauty of the facade is not the only argument when you will choose the material for the façade cladding of your home. A very important thing when choosing a material for cladding is its practicality, efficiency and price.

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